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Etsy Introduction and Why International Customers Shop at Etsy

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About Etsy

Etsy is one of the premier retailers online for those that need handcrafter or unique items that cannot be found with regular stores. Etsy has developed itself as the premier source for original and user created content. Items can range anywhere from $5 homemade hats to $1000 handcrafted tea sets and everything in between. Etsy is sort of an amalgam of all sorts of different retailers and is almost a social experience. There is an Etsy "crowd" building up around the website and it is creating a culture of ingenuity in the crafting world.

Why International Shoppers Buy from Etsy

There are many reasons to shop from Etsy irregardless of your location in the world. Most Etsy designers are based in the U.S. but offer shipping details for clientele all over the world. Being that their materials are created by talented and passionate individuals, they are likely to back their creations and protect their reputation by going the distance in helping out their customers. Because of the great feedback system, which is posted publicly, it is easy to find Etsy designers that are both trusted and of high quality.

The Etsy marketplace is fast moving and constantly changing. Due to the nature of pop culture there is always something new for sale in the marketplace. This leads to exciting new shopping opportunities for fans of all the different movies, bands, and books that gain popularity. Etsy is a one stop shop for crafting made with heart.

With Independent Courier You Can Buy Any Etsy USA Item And Ship Worldwide

Since you have Independent Courier with you in US, you do not need to worry about your chose Etsy item that cannot be shipped to your country. Independent Courier is your reliable package forwarder in US and it works like this:

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  • Ask Independent Courier to ship your Etsy purchase to an international address outside USA. This could be easily done in your account!
  • Wait for your Etsy item to arrive at home!

Above shows how easy your online shopping at Etsy could be with Independent Courier as the package forwarder in US.

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