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We are a US package forwarding corporation in Portland of Oregon, and we avail those who live outside the USA to buy from USA, then reship from USA. We are in the business of furnishing speedy, dependable international transporting for the least cost possible. We are a US shopping agent who generates an exclusive US address for clients to use if they wish to forward a package.


 In addition, all one must do to see that the package goes where he needs it to, is sign up for a free account with Independent Courier. Next, get an order placed with us through them. Then we turn over the request to reship from USA to the BuyForMe service. Package forwarding is you buy for yourself and use our address and we handle the rest. BuyForMe is simply you place orders on our website, we buy it for you and take care of everything reamaining. This part of the process is rather simple, and Independent Courier sets up the international shipping.


 What is more, CountyComm invents, fabricates and distributes quality merchandise to federal, state and local government offices. Surplus stock-takings are exclusively traded to the populace via countycomm.com. So, as a US shopping agent, we can offer superior wares.


 In fact, we have a slew of top quality products, if someone does buy from countycomm.com. Our specialty is a line of prize wristwatches, both quartz and reflexive motion, tritium luminance and the tickers are made tough. We also offer a full array of wonderful Maratac™ tactical web equipment, flashlights, as well as 100+ armed services style Zulu™ watch bracelets. Our one-of-a kind every day carry (EDC) merchandise is well known all over the globe.


Having said that, our transportation charges are set with what the UPS structure has established. We do accept PayPal, credit card, but if someone does not have an account with this company, we can do it by accepting payments mailed in orders too, and cashiers checks or postal orders.


Also you need to know, package forwarding is totally free but BuyForMe is 10% service fee. To buy from USA is a simple, smooth process, and our videos on the site help answer questions anyone may have.

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