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For those who don't live near a local ALDO shop can turn to ALDO USA online shopping for their ALDO shoe fix. Although ALDO is a worldwide chain and has several none US shopping sites, they don't always carry the same styles at every website. If your must have shoes are a US design, they may only be found at the US ALDO website. Though the price of the shoes are quite affordable, the international shipping price a lot of international shoppers pay can be quite heavy, depending on the final destination. Many international shoppers just give up the idea of buying from ALDO when they realize the international shipping could cost half the price or even more of what you are buying. 

Isn’t there a way of reducing the shipping cost for ALDO overseas customers? Yes! Independent Courier is the answer. With our package forwarding service, ALDO international shoppers could save up to 50% on shipping costs.

How does ALDO international shipping work with Independent Courier

Independent Courier makes international shopping at ALDO a breeze with five easy steps. After registering at, you will receive instantly a US address. This is your valid US shopping address, then you can shop away at any US shopping site like ALDO US. You are now shopping like American citizens, and your package will be delivered to the Independent Courier warehouse. Once you are notified that we have received your package, you can pay a discounted shipping fee and your package will be off to it's international destination.

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The cost to register is nothing! Your US address is also free. International shoppers will no longer have to pay ALDO for high international shipping costs. Independent Courier puts cheaper international shipping options at your hand, you can choose from DHL, FedEx and USPS to ship your packages but pay with discounts.

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Since you have an American address, you can also be eligible for coupons and discounts international shoppers don't always have access to. So go ahead and get those shoes you loved without worrying about ALDO international shipping. Our package forwarding service for ALDO is fast, easy and cheap. Say good bye to spending more on shipping than on your actual purchased items.

With Independent Courier your international shopping possibilities are endless and there are no limits for your online shopping savings. 

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