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How it works

Shopping at any USA online stores becomes easy with our ShipForMe service!
Only 5 steps for an international shopping!
Step 1
You will get your US address with a unique mailbox number associated with your account.
Step 2Shop with U.S. online retailers. 
Feel free to buy your favorite products from thousands of online retailers in the US such as Amazon, EBay, BestBuy, Zappos, Walmart, etc. Enter your assigned US address at checkout. Don’t forget to put your mailbox number in the address. Incorrect or missing mailbox number will result in process delay or package returning to sender.
Step 3Attention should be paid when your items are delivered to Independent Courier warehouse.
As your packages arrive at our warehouse, we will inform you of the arrival via email. The parcel information will also be shown in your account “My Packages”. You will see the original weight and dimension of each of your packages.
Step 4Submit shipment request and pay the estimated shipping fee.
You can submit a shipment request as soon as you see your packages information in your account. You will be guided to pay the estimated shipping fee based on the original weight and dimension of your packages. For we will consolidate your packages as minimum as possible to save you money, your actual shipping fee will be less than your estimated one in most of the time. Extra fee will be credited to your account.
Step 5Receive your shipment tracking number.
Once our accounting department confirms your payment, our shipping experts will open and consolidate your packages and ship them with your designated carriers.

Some information may be important for you:

Shipping cost is determined by the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight (Dim Weight or Volumetric Weight). Actual Weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. . Dimensional Weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a small Actual Weight, like pillows and lamp shades, will have a larger Dimensional Weight. Generally, the DIM weight is calculated as follows (in pounds):

DIM weight = (Length X Height X Width) /139

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