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Why Choose Us

Easy Sign Up

Spend only 20 seconds to sign up an account and get a US shipping address, then you can begin to shop with your own US address from independentcourieraz.com.

Incredible SavingsNo setup or membership fee

With independentcourieraz.com, there is no signup fee, no membership fee, no monthly fee that hassle you. But you will still get excellent and quality service.

No storage fee for up to 60 days

You can store your packages in our facilities for as long as 60 days, which is more than enough for almost all of our customers.

No consolidating fee

Unlike most of the players in the industry, we offer free consolidating service for less than 10 packages. This enable your packages to be packed as minimum as possible, which will save you huge money in shipping.

No hidden fee

Unlike most of the players in the industry, we do not request our customer to pay for additional service, such as invoice removal fee, inactive fee. All we charge is shipping fee!

No sale tax

Since our company is located in the state of Oregon, USA, where no sales tax are charged, you can save up to 10% of your total purchasing amount compared with shipping to the state of California.

Fast and Trustworthy Delivery Methods

We works with world renowned and trustworthy couriers such as US Postal Service, FedEx and DHL to ship your packages. We provide tracking numbers for each shipment so you can tracking them online to see where your items are whenever you want.

Professional Team and Quality Service

Independent Courier is run by a professional team dedicated to serve our customers as our top priority. We have operations both in the United States and China, which ensure that we can provide better customer service and respond to inquiries must fast than other players in the industry.

Our professional and quality service have won us loyal customers from all over the world.

Cost calculator

Calculate your interna- tional shipping fee easily.

Prohibited items

Attention to items pro- hibited in transportation.

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